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Welcome to Innovate, your online paramount store for Tactical & Outdoor products. We‘re dedicated to giving you the very best products, with a focus on dependability, customer service, and distinctiveness, built on the foundation of durability, quality and value.


Founded in 1991 by CEO Mr. Dang Tupkham, Innovate originally started out selling WWII military apparel & equipment from America, Russia, and Germany. From a humble beginning with a shop in a suburban well-known Jatuchuk market to an expanding industry of an authentic, tactical brand.

Mr. Dang’s passion, love and appreciation for textile along with his appetite for military apparel culminated a design of tactical pants that would satisfy people in all ranges.


A product built on the foundation of durability, quality and convenience as it would be lightweight, washable, quick dry, and justifiable while maintaining a tactical feel.  The M6 pants were created and instantly became our top seller, due to the quality and features, suitable in most weather conditions.  After a few years down the road more products were develop and we started designing and producing products for outdoor enthusiastic.


Innovate then became a renowned brand satisfying both tactical and outdoor lovers. As a team of tactical and outdoor enthusiastic we tend to have a positive input in creating the most innovative and durable products out there.

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